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Twin Hector Releases Album ‘You’re Probably Thinking 2 Much’




Source: Remixd PR

LA-based platinum award-winning singer-songwriter Twin Hector continues to impress with his latest album release, “You’re Probably Thinking 2 Much.” Moving between the soft waves of hip hop, R&B, soul, and pop, Hector delivers a collection of scintillating and exquisite songs that deeply connect with the listener’s innermost emotions. Listen to the new project, out now: Spotify or Apple Music.

With influences ranging from Michael Jackson to Lil Wayne, Drake, Future, and Jay Z, Hector draws on a wealth of musical experiences gained from living in Dayton, Atlanta, and the City of Angels. Like his musical inspirations, Hector has a talent for producing music that is punctuated by classic productions. As a performing and recording muse, as well as a record engineer, Hector has become renowned for creating sweet and transparent anthems that revolve around courtships, love, and relationships. 

From the gushing ode to his girlfriend Blac Chyna in “Loving You is Easy to the rampaging “Attendance,” the smitten single “For You,” Hector is locked in this year. Hector’s latest album tackles the universal themes of human life, including overthinking, peer pressure, and self-conflict. “The answer is probably right in your face,” Hector says of the album’s themes. “It’s all about overall life, with human beings being caught up in their own minds.” 

“Mind Games” is just one example of how Hector captures the introspective, contemplative nature of insecurities, doubt, and anxieties that come with being in a relationship. ‘You’re Probably Thinking 2 Much’ features ten tracks that are tender, authentic, original, and honest. 

Hector endeavors to bring good news to the hopeless, vision to the blind, and to live in the Almighty’s favor. The answers that everyone seeks are often standing right in front of us, and this is especially true in Hector’s latest album. Hector’s voice transcends the spirit, with poetic and distinct wordplay that oozes passionate embraces. He is unafraid to tell his story, be present in the moment, and celebrate life. 

With “You’re Probably Thinking 2 Much,” Hector proves that he is beyond extraordinary. If you don’t think that way, then you’re probably thinking too much.

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