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Reelin’ In The Years: #oldtrend And More From Music On TikTok




Source: TikTok/Audible Treats

Each week, the TikTok Treats newsletter gives a snapshot of the state of music on TikTok, touching on trending hits, emerging artists, superstar moves, ascendant memes, and much more. This week’s newsletter reels in the years, with a trend showing how different communities use music to express themselves.

Creatively interpreting songs to fit their needs, the TikTok community helps define and redefine the visual representation of music. A recent trend, affectionately called #oldtrend (2.5 billion views), in which TikTok creators speculate about what they and their significant others would look like after a lifetime together, shows how a single trend can boost the fortunes of multiple thematically appropriate songs.

The trend started bubbling on the app to the tune of “Forever and Ever, Amen,” a 1987 country hit by Randy Travis, centered around his chorus lyric “I’m gonna love you forever,” inspiring videos that range from comedic to heart-warming. The trend explores the feelings of daughters of young moms, couples who hope their tattoos will age well, to curious parents looking to recreate the case of Benjamin Button. The former #1 Hot Country hit has over 134k creations on the platform.

As the #oldtrend spread to other corners of TikTok, creators paired the aging effect with other songs. Some users have taken to Alphaville’s 1984 hit “Forever Young,” which has over 415k video creations and a chorus that adds a bit of irony to the rapidly aging images. Most recently, JayZ’s Alphaville-interpolating “Young Forever” has taken over, generating over 160k creations en route to placing at #2 on TikTok’s top trending songs of the past week. Creators with especially discerning tastes, however, have been using Steely Dan’s 1972 classic “Reelin’ In The Years.” 


TikTok makes it easy to project one’s future appearance using the soundtrack of one’s choice–just make sure to moisturize for best results.

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