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iAmGreenz Quietly Becoming the ‘DJ Khaled’ of Soca



“The Powerful Riddim.” The newest Soca Riddim album by Grenadian Brooklyn Production House, Monsta Entertainment. It includes contributions from Shireen B, Camille Claudette, Duwan De Entertainer, King Kayak, and most notably, iAmGreenz.

iAmGreenz is an artist, producer, and songwriter who has worked with some of the biggest names across various genres, including soca, reggae, and Hip-Hop. Having already accomplished so much, dating back from 2009, iAmGreenz is rebuilding his brand and persona. It started with the name change, as he formally went by J.R.E.And now, he’s focused on rolling out new content for fans under his new moniker. Thus to start “The Powerful Riddim.” The project features three records, “Stressfree,” “Bend My Back,” and “Powerful.” Although the songs have their own specific sentiment, the album pushes the notion of freedom, empowerment, and shalom overall.

To accompany the EP, iAmTheGreenz directed a cinematic color scheme video with red, green, and gold to commemorate the African and Grenadian connection. All three are the national colors of the Grenadian flag and have always been synonymous with African roots.

First up, we see King Kayak and Duwan the Entertainer deliver a calm but high-energy start to the visual with “Stress free.” By the two-minute mark, the lovely Shireen B and Camille Claudette transition in to bring us a smooth-choreographed conception for “Bend My Back.” Last but not least, iAmGreenz closes out the vibrant video with his smooth solo ballad “Powerful,” dedicated to the powers of soca music.
Although the project is considered a compilation album starring iAmGreenz, he more-so wanted to highlight everyone else’s talents. So it’s safe to say iAmGreenz is quietly becoming the ‘DJ Khaled’ of soca and dancehall – and “The Powerful Riddim” is just the beginning!

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Duwan De Entertainer x King Kayak – “Stress Free” @imkingkayak @duwan_de_entertainer

Camille Claudette x Shireen B – “Bend My Back” @shireenbmusic @camilleclaudette_

iAmGreenz – “Powerful” @iamgreenz