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Rapper and Producer Lusive Releases New Visual for “Recycle”



Finally, a rapper named Lusive pushes positive and inspiring messages in his music. His focus on addressing repeated cycles in modern society and encouraging the urban community to work towards a better future is commendable. His EP “Solo” seems to offer a range of emotions and experiences that many listeners can relate to, which is a testament to his ability to connect with his audience. It’s also impressive that he collaborates with other artists, bringing a unique blend of sounds to his music. Overall, it’s clear that Lusive is a rising talent worth keeping an eye on. Lusive  @FrxxLusive hailing from The Bronx, NY is the epitome of spreading positivity and being a Free (Frxx artist). Lusive embodies the new traditional outside mic performance aspect in his new visual for “Recycle” Directed by Lavish Curt “ Yung Icons” @lavish_curt. 

Lusive states “I found myself wanting to listen to “Est.199 (feat. Chosen)” because It is more upbeat and gives you the “old school” vibe. The whole project is a great example of freedom of expression. Listen to the whole ep and I guarantee you’ll want to listen more.

Lusive “Recycle” Directed by Lavish Curt “ Yung Icons” @lavish_curt