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Nicki Minaj Credits Foxy Brown As Her Biggest Inspiration In New Interview + Album Coming Soon



The undisputed Queen of Rap Ms. Nicki Minaj recently conducted an interview for i-D magazine with City Girl’s very own JT and she once again shared some of her biggest influences as a rap artist while crediting legendary Brooklyn icon Foxy Brown. The two have formed a tight bond over the past decade and have supported each other over the years.

“I still probably at times sound similar to her. I would listen to this woman non-stop. Finding out she was from Trinidad was so freaking amazing to me, because I never imagined that a rapper could be from my country. She’s so precise with her delivery, and so clear. And I really love clarity in raps. “

Foxy Brown

Elsewhere in the interview, Nicki discusses her forthcoming fifth studio album, which she says “will be out soon” leaving very little detail as to when fans can expect the highly anticipated release, potential acting roles in the near future and a nail tech line.

“The fifth album. I’m not gonna say when it’s gonna come out, but the album will be out soon.”

“I am working on a nail design company, where people will be able to buy my press-on nail with dope designs. I was already working on that before someone auctioned my press-on nail for $50,000 or whatever they spent on it.”

Nicki told JT that she’s ready to step in front of the big screen again.

“I’ve been speaking to a director about doing something in a movie. In terms of TV, we’ll see. But I love acting, and I’ll never abandon acting for too long. That’s one of my biggest passions.”

Her last appearance was in 2016’s Barbershop: The Next Cut, where she was casted as Draya. Prior to that she starred in 2014’s The Other Woman amongst others.

When discussing the success of her most recent chart-topping hit, “Super Freaky Girl,” which has re-entered the Billboard Hot 100 for the 12th week in the Top 10, Nicki shared with JT:

“I knew the song would make people happy. Everything that feels nostalgic is making people feel better right now ‘cause we’ve had a couple of tough years. Once I started writing it, it became easy and fun. It’s been a while since I put out a fun song. With the remix, I was like, “The song is called “Super Freaky Girl”, so why don’t we see how other female voices would speak from a freaky girl perspective?” I heard your verse and was blown away. I was so taken aback by your ability to remain yourself on a song that seemed like a beat that you wouldn’t normally do. I’m in a really great place now. I feel like whenever I’m happy, I deliver the best music. And in order for me to deliver the best music for my album – which is coming out soon – I have to tap back into the essence of hip-hop. On the remix of “Super Freaky Girl”, all the girls tapped into that.”

She also pays homage to her mentor Lil Wayne and JAY-Z:

“The other ones that shaped my overall style a lot are Lil Wayne, especially in the beginning, I used to do a lot of things that were similar to him and Jay-Z. One of my first faves actually was Slick Rick. I’ve always loved the British accent, I still do.”

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