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Upcoming Film The Known Unknown Stars Hip Hop Artist REYN




Source: BG Business

The new multimedia on film called THE KNOWN UNKNOWN continues development and pre-production. The film stars features songs by Hip Hop music artist REYN. THE KNOWN UNKNOWN is a MULTIMEDIA FILM featuring MUSIC, GAMING (POP ICON CLASHES) and stunning VISUAL & SPECIAL EFFECTS.
The entire film is constructed as a SYMPHONY OF HIP HOP in FIVE MOVEMENTS. Executive Producers are MOZELL ENTERTAINMENT GROUP &  RANSOM NOTICE MEDIA. THE KNOWN UNKNOWN is Written, Produced & Directed by Richard Willis, Jr.

The film THE KNOWN UNKNOWN is an allegory. A powerful series of tales about the controversies, contradictions and conflicts facing today’s GENERATION ALPHA. As “art mirroring life”  the film explores the modern-human condition through comedy, drama, music, gaming, dance, and imaginative visual expressionism, blending image and thought in a unique and exciting story that challenges the
audience to THINK and FEEL.  
Inspired by the writings of KURT VONNEGUT and RALPH ELLISON; the film making of SPIKE LEE, TERRENCE MALIK, and BAZ LURMAN; the poetry of JAMES BALDWIN, RAINER MARIA RILKE and GWENDOLYN BROOKS, THE KNOWN UNKNOWN explodes on the screen as a moving,  gut-wrenching,
psychological journey into self-discovery and self-awareness, while being a helluva music-driven, fiendishly fun ride!

MOZELL ENTERTAINMENT GROUP is a creative and business entities experienced in Conceiving, Writing, Developing, Pitching, Producing, and Directing projects for Film, Television, Music, Theater, and Multimedia.

RANSOM NOTICE MEDIA is a full-service production company focused on developing and fabricating unique media and entertainment content including Digital Content, Mobile Video Games, Animation, and Visual Effects.

THE KNOWN UNKNOWN, like ENTERGALATIC by KID CUDI (NETFLIX TV SPECIAL); the SAVAGE X FENTY show by RIHANNA (AMAZON PRIME); BLACK IS KING by BEYONCE (DISNEY+); this multimedia, multidisciplinary, multi-genre film will attract a wide-ranging, diverse  audience, hungry for exciting original stories, told in unique, entertaining, and unforgettable ways.

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