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Danny Towers & DJ Scheme Share “Florida Water” Featuring Luh Tyler And Ski Mask The Slump God




Source: Audible Treats

Danny Towers and versatile producer/DJ DJ Scheme are crucial figures in the Florida rap scene. Today, the producer/rapper duo recruits two more heavy-hitters from the Sunshine State, teaming up with South Florida superstar Ski Mask The Slump God and 16-year-old phenom Luh Tyler, one of the state’s fastest-rising rappers, for new video single Florida Water. Produced by Scheme himself, “Florida Water” is a sinister slapper (“this that weed blowin’, lean pourin’, real gangsta music,” intones Danny Towers), combining the smooth rider music of Luh Tyler’s native Tallahassee with the darker edges that have defined the South Florida underground sound.

The song is a showcase for Danny Towers’ bone-deep rasp, as the Orlando native delivers a memorable hook alongside one of his most tongue-twisting verses to date: “Bumper to bumper, I’m in Rancho Cucamonga, I just snuck in with that thumper, n****.” Luh Tyler and Ski Mask The Slump God elevate their games to keep up with their host, the former weaving his signature laid back flow around Scheme’s seismic 808 thumps, and the latter closing the proceedings with a colorful, Chia Pet-referencing verse. In the video, directed by Paperweight Productions, the fearsome Florida foursome gathers in Broward County backstreets, commanding a fleet of off-roaders and dirtbikers as they flaunt their ice and bring out the block to rap along.

Longtime friends and close collaborators, the creative relationship Danny Towers and DJ Scheme reaches back over half a decade. Born and raised in Orlando, Towers has been a member of the Members Only collective since 2015, regularly collaborating with the likes of Ski Mask, XXXTentacion, and more. Miami native DJ Scheme worked his way into the scene as a DJ and producer, starting his career as a tour DJ for wifisfuneral before linking up with the Members Only crew shortly afterward.

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