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Pacman Da Gunman Releases New Single “Examples”



Pacman Da Gunman

Source: Rosecrans Vic

Pacman Da Gunman is a teacher. Not in the traditional sense to where he’s required to be be in a florescent light filled classroom eight hours a day.

The Crenshaw District native likes to lay down examples, and watch as others follow. He laid down a whole track about this very subject titled “Examples” in which he gave several illustrations on the movements he’s began. If the rap game was a math problem, this song is Pacman showing his work on how he got his answers. He raps, “too rich too lit, passed life shoot shit, laid the blueprint, I had to set examples” creating some of the best braggadocio bars of 2023 so far. 

Pacman is set to drop a song every two weeks for the remainder of the year via OTR Records as he looks to be an example of consistency in the rap game and continue to inspire others on the west coast and beyond. 

Background on Pacman: Da’Monte Lyles (PKA, Pacman Da Gunman) born July 28, 1991 is an American rapper currently one of the official members to All Money In, an independent record label founded by Nipsey Hussle, Blacc Sam, Fatts, and Adam. Born and raised in sunny California, he grew up in South Los Angeles specifically the Crenshaw District. Since engaging in the world of hip hop as a rapper, Pacman has shown his dedication to his craft as his music appears to be thoughtfully structured in all his lyrics to tell a story in each one of his songs.

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