About Us

MusicXclusives, LLC (MX) is an on-line music media outlet founded in April 2010 by founder/editor-in-chief, Leo Lysius.  It serves as an additional resource to showcase upcoming as well as existing talent, and is used to promote and keep consumers, critics and entertainment executives up-to-date on musical artists.

Presenting intimate, multi-level perspectives of each individual, MX’s YouTube channel is the most visited platform.  In addition, MX utilizes other social media such as:  Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  We also allow the opportunity to read reviews/blogs at musicxclusives.com.

The Executive Team

The management team is composed of the Chairman, CEO & Editor-in-Chief, President & COO, Executive Associate to the CEO, PR Coordinator / Second Assistant, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Creative Director.

The Staff

The team consists of a group of entry-level and experienced contributors driven by a commonality in music.   Our general list of freelancers include:  editor, public relations consultant, photographer, videographer, social media consultant, correspondents, etc.

All members have a true love for various genres of music along with the need to express their feelings and thoughts to an audience who shares their enthusiasm.