Masego Serenades on “Mystery Lady (Sego’s Remix”)

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Posted on July 29, 2021 at 5:05 pm

Masego – “Mystery Lady (Sego’s Remix) Visuals

Serenading in the beautiful tropics of Mexico City, Masego brings you into a world of cinematographic highs that displays an affectionate form of storytelling. Directed by Doug Bernardt, each section exudes a lineage of choreography – from street dancing to jazz and ballet. Two afrocentric women in particular; showed off their signature dance routines, that culturally is in correlation to their Latin roots.

 The scenes acquired Masego’s signature laid-back pose, whether he was drifting onto the sunset with his leading lady or standing in a warehouse-like environment. You can also bear witness to the children gallivanting throughout the trenches of their neighborhood. Toward the end of the perfectly orchestrated visual, you can see Masego’s leading lady dancing upon the sunset (by the oceanfront) as Masego sits on the hood of his vehicle before the leading lady took his hand and danced into the night. 

“Mystery Lady (Sego’s Remix)” is the second installment, to which the first features Don Toliver. “Mystery Lady” has exceeded over a million views in Brazil and is steadily climbing up in views on YouTube since its release two days ago. 

 Check out the video after the jump: