Say What?: Tory Lanez Claims He Was Framed in New Funk Flex Freestyle

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Credit: Joshua Midjordan Faris for Billboard (2019)

Tory Lanez was in his bag on Monday (July 19) when he made a guest appearance on Funk Flex Freestyle segment – the first time in four years, since he went viral from his last freestyle with Flex. 

Earlier Monday afternoon, the Canadian singer/rapper and songwriter stated that he would not partake in LA Leakers and that he would go to Funk Flex studio to dispel his anguish and animosity. 

The rapper divulged for a six-minute period and touched the surface of Twitter cancelling him. On his rap tangent, Tory expressed his sentiment, alluding that he is still around despite the hate towards him. 

Recitable Mentions:

“F**k it, hatin’ me last year was last year/ 

On Twitter, ‘oh he cancelled’/

Now, I’m back here”

The effortless flow continued, dancing to the industry to the beat of his own drum and bypassing the negative reactions and comments about him. At the 4:13 mark, Tory shouted out his musical counterparts such as: SKAT, DaBaby, Lil’ Baby, and Roddy Rich. 

However, it was within shouting out the other artists, where people rose an eyebrow or two against Tory’s claims, alluding that had he [Tory] had not been framed, that each artist would’ve received their awards. 

Recitable Mentions: 

“Shout out go to SKAT/

Shout out to DaBaby/

Roddy Rich and Lil’ Baby/

What I’m ‘bout to say is gone sound a little crazy/

But it’s truth so don’t flame me/

Ya all would’ve got ya’ll awards if they never frame me”

Many speculate that Tory had referred to the 2020 July incident that resulted to former friend and rapper, Megan Thee Stallion getting shot at her feet and Tory was alleged the suspect at hand.

Both artists are adamant on their stance, Megan proclaiming Tory was the shooter and Tory declining those allegations through his music. 

Check out Tory’s full freestyle after the jump: