Azealia Banks Wants to “F**k Him All Night”

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Azealia Banks is undeniably one of the most talented yet underrated artists of this generation. She has created a safe haven for eccentric form of Hip-Hop, infusing both Dance/Electronica production with a lyrical guise. There has yet been a horrible record by the Harlem native, and with her most recent single, “F**k Him All Night (Kanye West),” the sultry-dance record could be out of the ordinary, yet it is an instant repetitious track. 

Collaborating with Glacher Lustwerk, the song is the first single in lieu to Banks highly anticipated follow up collective, “Fantasea II: The Second Wave,” which is slated to release sometime this year. It has been 12 years since its first installment, and the fan base is ready for more Azealia Banks. 

The irony, however, is Kanye West being the catapult or inspiration behind the record. Many people rose their eyebrows upon the unveil of the artwork. Sensuous, where you can see the print of Banks denim clad yoni, but the elongated acrylics that spelled Kanye’s name dead center. 

Either way, the record is phenomenal.