Breaking News: SuperFly Actor and Rapper, Kaalan ‘KR’ Walker’s Sexual Assault Accuser New Photos Revealed

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Kaalan ‘KR’ Walker | “Juju” on SuperFly (2018)

Kaalan ‘KR’ Walker was bound to be a household name on the Hollywood circuit – landing two major roles, from “SuperFly” alongside Trevor Jackson and “Kings” with Halle Berry and Daniel Craig.  However, Walker’s rise to prominence as an actor would crumble in September of 2018 when then 22-year-old was arrested for nine felony sexual assault charges.

Obtaining from multiple news outlets, Walker charges include five counts of rape, three counts of penetration with a foreign object, and one count of forcible oral copulation.

Due to the series in nature of the alleged sexual assault claims, Walker would spend approximately 2 ½ years in jail prior to making a million-dollar bond which he was released November 2020. 

One of the alleged victims, Instagram model Kimberly Quang may have exaggerated the claims of forcible rape, according to new photos that recently surfaced online.

In 2017, Quang and Walker allegedly had a brief sexual relationship, but it was not until the movie “SuperFly” was released where Quang reported the sexual assault to the Los Angeles Police Department – alleging that Kaalan Walker drugged and raped her. 

A photo of the pair, where Quang’s body was draped over Walker’s shoulder where he held his cellular device and took a mirror photo of them. 

Kimberly Quang allegedly showcased LAPD the viral image of her and Walker to support her claims. Notwithstanding, these exclusive new images of both Kimberly Quang and Kaalan ‘KR’ Walker may possibly coerce the sexual rape allegations against Walker.

In one photo, it is alleged that aspiring model standing on the bathroom counter with a clear depiction of her buttocks adjacent to the mirror, and Walker’s arm is draped around one portion of her bottom half. The second alleged image is of Quang hugging the actor/rapper more intimately. 

Left: Allegedly Kimberly Quong and Kaalan Walker

Alongside Kimberly Quang, there are 8 more women who alleges Walker sexually assaulted them between 2016-2018. Allegedly, the “SuperFly” actor contacted the aspiring models on different social media platforms under the guise 0f being hired for professional job opportunities. However, Walker maintains his innocence.

Allegedly Kimberly Quang and Kaalan ‘KR’ Walker

UPDATE: Kaalan ‘KR’ Walker joined our live earlier to clear his name. Watch below!

Kimberly Quang has since deactivated her Instagram account after this story broke.

This story is will be updated regularly as new information arises.