Mekka Don Releases the Music Video for “Still Dope”

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Image taken from”Still Dope” music video

Mekka Don drops the accompanying music video for his soulful banger “Still Dope,” originally released on May 18th of this year. Along with the release of “Still Dope,” Mekka Don states he “wanted everyone to remember that no matter what happens to us, we are Still Dope, still standing – and there’s nothing that can stop that from being true.” With the lyrics centered around unapologetic blackness, the music video does a perfect job of encapsulating the core message of “Still Dope.”

With powerful images of black women picking their afros while wearing shirts that read “still dope” and Mekka Don modeling a shirt that includes names of iconic black people such as Jackie Robinson and Thurgood Marshall, the “Still Dope” music video amplifies the message of unapologetic blackness Mekka Don is striving for. Adding on, Mekka Don includes iconic images of Civil Rights icons such as Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, and Maya Angelou amongst many others. The video concludes with a quote from the late great rapper DMX reading, “It’s the tough things that we go through, hard things we go through, that gets us to that point where we’re better and stronger than we’ve ever been,” perfectly encapsulating the powerful encouraging messages that are found throughout the song.

“Still Dope” is a powerful love letter to black people across the globe and with striking visuals accompanying the soulful beat and lyrics Mekka Don effectively executes his concept of unapologetic blackness.

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