Vince Staples Announces Two Projects Coming in 2021

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Image Taken from Vince Staple’s Instagram. Shot by Quil Lemons for W Magazine.

Fans of Vince Staples rejoice as the Long Beach rapper announces not one but two new projects set for release in 2021. In an interview with W Magazine, Vince Staples confirmed two projects with fans able to expect the first project, Vince Staples on June 18th. In reading through the interview, we also learned that Ramona Park Broke My Heart is the name for the second project with a release date not yet revealed.

Additionally, Vince Staples confirmed that producer Kenny Beats will have a large presence on Vince Staples stating in the interview, “he sent me a beat that I recorded on, and it just went from there. We didn’t go into it intentionally thinking that we would end up with as much as we had.”

The news of two new projects from Vince Staples comes with a heightened interest in the sonics of the new music. This is of course because Vince Staples has become known for being one of the most experimental rappers in the genre with opinions of his last two projects, Big Fish Theory and FM! split right down the middle. The sonics of Big Fish Theory could be described as West Coast Hip-Hop meets pop music you would hear as you shop at H&M. However, the concept behind FM! was an interesting one with the project being structured as a radio show, with cameos from Big Boy of the Los Angeles radio show Big Boy’s Neighborhood in addition to snippets of songs from Earl Sweatshirt and Tyga.

Returning to the center, because of the experimental artist Vince Staples is there’s no point in speculating about what Vince Staples’ upcoming projects will sound like. Therefore, fans and critics will have to wait until June 18th for Vince Staples’ first project of 2021 Vince Staples.