Music Video: Orlando Brown “Smiled On Me”

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Orlando Brown – Smiled on Me

For the past couple of years, the world has witnessed the tumultuous rollercoaster that famed actor, Orlando Brown has endured. Between his erratic behavior spiraled from the abuse of drugs and trauma as a youth and coming into age – it was often speculated that he would continue to spiral out of control. 

However, God had bigger and better plans for the former Disney star.

The 33-year-old Los Angeles native took a step back from the spotlight and tackled those demons that plagued his life and hindered the magnificent talent that bestowed. It worked, tremendously. Brown restructured his life, discarded drug addiction, has become more family oriented, and retracted to his first love – music. 

Many people would assume that Orlando Brown is just an actor and is completely unaware of his lyrical ability as a rapper and singer. He also is very versatile on the instrumental spectrum, playing the piano. The actor/rapper has been perusing music for quite some years now and has been independent since the merge, forming his own label YoungStar Entertainmet. One thing is for certain, Orlando Brown is an extremely talented and multi-faceted artist. 

His music videos and streams has amassed over 4 million views and is continuously growing each day. 

Since the return of his career, Orlando has released several records – however, this one resonates significantly to those who has endured trials, tribulations, and overcame the obstacles. 

“Smiled on Me,” is an uptempo Gospel hip-hop melody which signifies gratitude from overcoming different forms of trials and errors. Without the use of profanity, Brown lyrically demolishes his rhymes as he praises the Most High. 

The Cinematography, directed by LA Based videographer Augustine Zedepa, signifies the record with Orlando going into a bodega (corner store), leading to a breakdown which led him to sink onto the ground prior to the store owner abruptly assisted Brown from the ground and discarded him on the concrete outside. 

In dismay and lost, Brown heard a Gospel choir bellowing out – to which he followed the crooning sounds until he reached to a church across the street. Within the video, you can see Brown going through the phases of redemption, even getting baptized and uniting with his fiancé and child. 

To take away from both the record and video, is that life might be challenging – but the power of faith and determination will pull you through.

Check out the video after the jump and post your thoughts! So far, there is no word yet if Orlando will be releasing a full-length project, but it is wonderful to see him well on his grind in the musical realm.