Da Baby’s Protege, Wisdom, Arrested for Attempted Murder

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Left: Wisdom Awute, 21 Right: Christopher Urena, 29

Within the past week, there has been a wide range speculation that Grammy-Nominated rapper, DaBaby was involved in a shoot-out in Miami during the long Memorial Day weekend. DaBaby was arrested in suspicion of the shootings but was later let out without any pending charges. 

However, the unfortunate news is still connected to DaBaby as one of his artists under his “Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment” label has been arrested and charged with the shootings. 

21-year-old Wisdom Awute who goes under the moniker Wisdom, was apprehended by the Miami PD on Tuesday (June 1) in connection of the shootings the night before, which left one victim critically injured and paralyzed and the other victim who was shot but quickly treated and discharged from the hospital. 

According to Miami Herald, Awute and co-conspirator Christopher Urena, 29, of Davie, Florida – were engaged in a physical altercation with two other men when the victims were allegedly attempting to get into their car, around 11:20 p.m. on Memorial Day (May 31). The incident took place outside a prestigious restaurant, Prime 112 Steakhouse, between First Street and Ocean Drive. Allegedly, Awute pulled out a gun and shot one of the victims on their right calf and the other in the shoulder. One of the victims were able to identify Awute as one of the shooters. 

Christopher Urena first informed the police during interrogation that the two men blocked their cars at valet to which resulted into a scuffle and alleged that one of the victims initially pulled out a gun to shoot at him. However, with CC-TV footage and evidence to counter Urena’s statement – he stop cooperating with police.

“In less than 24 hours, Miami Beach detectives were able to ensure those responsible for the shooting were arrested and charged,” said Ernesto Rodriguez, Miami Beach police spokesman, Tuesday night. “We will now work closely with the State Attorney’s Office to ensure a successful prosecution.” – Miami Herald

Both Awute and Urena are charged with first-degree attempted murder with a deadly weapon and aggravated assault. Urena faces additional charges for carrying a firearm as a convicted felon. Currently, there are no further announcements of indictments or trials.