Mekka Don Returns With His New Single “Still Dope”

Written by

Mekka Don

Mekka Don makes his return to music with the release of his new single titled “Still Dope.” The jazzy upbeat tune produced by Tha Audio Unit centers “a message of unapologetic self-love and a call to action of perseverance amid oppression and discrimination” for black people within Mekka Don’s lyrics. With the past year’s events amplifying the pain and troubles of simply existing as a black person in the world, “Still Dope” encapsulates the soulfulness and hope black people carry through the tough times. With “Still Dope,” Mekka Don gives listeners a taste of what to expect in his new music with his intention being to speak to black people in his music.

Mekka Don identifies his inspiration in writing “Still Dope” as “having to sit down for the last couple years because of a serious foot surgery, and then Covid, made me reflect on all that’s going on and what I thought my purpose should be in it – particularly in music.” With his perspective, Mekka speaks for a lot of people who found themselves in moments of self-reflection throughout the quarantine period. Ultimately, “Still Dope” sounds like an intersection of the introspection and observations Mekka Don had over the past couple of years. With his new dedication to making music that’s for the people, it wouldn’t be blasphemous to say Mekka Don started off on the right foot with “Still Dope.” Now the waiting game begins to see how Mekka Don will follow up this latest single.

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