Pi’erre Bourne Releases “Groceries,” The Second Single In His ‘The Life of Pi’erre 5’ Rollout

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Cover Art for Pi’erre Bourne’s “Groceries”

As the wait for Pi’erre Bourne’s “The Life of Pi’erre 5” intensifies, Pi’erre came out here last night, dropping the second single in the project’s rollout titled “Groceries.” As many may know, Pi’erre Bourne declared “The Life of Pi’erre 5” to be the last project in the series, adding to the project’s hype and anticipation.

“Groceries,” gives fans of the series a highly sought-after peek behind the curtain for what they can expect from “The Life of Pi’erre 5” with an evolution of the sonics that made them fans to begin with being put on display throughout the three-minute song. “Groceries” gives fans a taste of Pi’erre’s signature video game-like melodies and bass patterns while mixing in some new concepts in the form of Pi’erre experimenting with the sonics of his voice. Most importantly, “Groceries” gives fans a taste of the signature beat switches found on “The Life of Pi’erre 4” and “The Life of Pi’erre 4 (Deluxe)” that serve to blend each song into the next, making the entire project feel like one cohesive song.

With the release date for “The Life of Pi’erre 5” still up in the air and Pi’erre Bourne adding more gasoline to the fire with this latest single, anticipation may be at an all-time high. However, for a potential clue to when fans may get the final chapter in “The Life of Pi’erre” series, look no further than Pi’erre Bourne’s Twitter page where he has already begun selling tickets for “The Life of Pi’erre 5 Euro Tour 2021.” The first date of the tour is listed as October 14th of this year, signaling that fans will emerge from the other side of the tunnel before the year is over.