Antonique Smith Graces the Cover of Enspire Magazine

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Grammy-nominated, Broadway, film, and television superstar; Antonique Smith graces the cover of Enspire Magazine’s first ever fashion issue for Spring 2021. 

Defining in eloquence, the singer-actress showcases versatility on the magazine spread, showcasing a short-bob hairstyle in 1960’s attire to a pixie cut in modern time fashion. In hindsight, Smith is one of the very few entertainers who is multi-faceted in every avenue she crosses, whether it be singing, acting, or modeling.  

Being introduced to Antonique Smith back in 2002, when she made her debut appearance on a reoccurring role on ‘100 Centre Street,’ it wasn’t until 2005 where she would captivate the hearts of Broadway hopefuls when she played Mimi on the Broadway classic, ‘Rent.’ Smith would continue to pursue her acting and singing accolades by appearing on the box-office hit, ‘Notorious,’ where she [Smith] played Faith Evans, who at the time was the late hip-hop contender, Christopher ‘Notorious B.I.G.’ Wallace. 

Garnering massive success in the film and entertainment industry, Smith continues to prove that she is a legendary act – often surprising the fans with her stellar performances. More recently, the native of New Jersey, played the mother of Aretha Franklin on National Geographic’s Genius: Aretha in which was critically acclaimed. 

There are no qualms when it comes to the dedicated, meticulous, and profound workload that Antonique has solidified within the past two decades. Unbeknownst to the world, there is no telling which direction the beautiful star may head toward. 

Aside from her fulfillment as an actress and singer – she is also a lover of fashion, an advocate for women empowerment, Black Lives Matter, and climate change. During her interview with Enspire Magazine, Antonique Smith let her tendrils fall and unveil her innermost thoughts.

Here is an excerpt of Antonique with Enspire Magazine:

Enspire: What do you feel is your power when it comes to being a woman? What is the best thing about being a woman?

Antonique: One good thing about being a woman, the ability to feel and empathize, is on another level. Men are generally a bit more analytical which is cool, but feeling and being able to feel others are still important, even in making decisions and being able to understand people – to understand situations. You know, emotional intelligence, women have a great deal of that. And so I think that’s why we make great leaders. I think that’s why, you know, we make great mothers. And I think that’s one of our great assets, as a woman, is our ability to feel and empathize.

Enspire: Now with that being said, women love fashion! And this is, you know, a fashion issue. You, Antonique, you’re very quick to wear something white, whether it’s a gown or outfit you know, you – you love your clothing. What do you love about fashion and what makes you want to get dressed up? What would you consider your style to be?

Antonique: Well first of all getting dressed, makes you feel bright and shining. You know you glow, you spruce it up. And so, I like to wear white because I just feel more like I’m glowing even though it’s almost like my inner light is on the outside when we’re in white. And so that’s why I wear it so much although I’m aware of (other) colors here and there. I think I’m always gonna wear bright colors because I just want to shine. I want my inner light to shine out. And so the clothes are just really an outward representation of how I feel or how I want to or the feeling that I want to project. Now obviously you don’t always feel like a leg, but the clothes help that… I think that’s the beauty of fashion, it can signify how you want to feel, even if you don’t feel that way. It can either express how you do feel or help you, you know, help you express how you’d like to feel. And I think for me that’s one of the wonderful things about fashion.

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Enspire’s Spring fashion issue will also feature; men, women, and youth (Biopic and LGBTQ inclusive) who has respectively and successfully created brands within the fashion industry. As Enspire continues to look for inspiration, their mantra exudes those who acquires passion, and experience a life that many could dream from. Those fashion entities who are featured are: FUBU co-founder, J. Alexander Martin, New York fashion designer Mugzy McFly (Signed by McFly), Fatim Sylla (Sirani’s Fashion), and Paris Campbell (Cultural Pride Fabrics) and her collaboration with Joann Fabrics. 

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