OG Steever Displays His Unique Style on “Not Enough”

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OG Steever via Instagram

OG Steever in hindsight is a rare gemstone that is soon to flourish beyond capacity as the days are yet to come. Being in the music scene for over a decade, the Broward County, FL native has taken the time and opportunity to hone his craft to transcend it into something phenomenal and withstanding for years to follow. 

His musical efforts are infused with Hip-Hop, Punk, and Rock – which garnered a versatile fanbase on a global spectrum. OG Steever amassed over 1.2 million streams in 2020 and has no intentions of slowing down his success until his music is played from every walk of life. 

Some may compare OG Steever’s musical ideologies to rappers Post Malone, the late XXXTentacion and JuiceWrld due to their heavy induced sadness and perspective of realities, however, it is easy to identify that OG Steever is on a pathway of his own with his unique lyricism and storytelling. 

OG Steever is known notoriously for his records such as, “Murder at the Hotel,” “Sacrificial,” and his current single, “Not Enough,” which is one of his highest streamed record with over 1 million streams. 

“Not Enough,” is an anthem for those who may experience lower vibrations about their stance in the world. In the record, OG Steever expresses his need and desire for genuine love (whether platonic or romantic), but only to be plagued with fear being around those who has no good intentions. 

He goes onto rap over a melodramatic beat, the hip hop powerhouse goes in depth of life being an unfortunate clause and how ingenuine people will only praise your being once transitioning from life. 

“Not Enough,” is definitely a record to constantly repeat to give a different perspective upon each play and it is safe to say that OG Steever is a forced to be reckoned with. 

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