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Recording artist TMG FRE$H releases a new video for his recently released single, titled “Anybody”. Directed by Chancellor Warhol, the video seeks to introduce FRE$H through the context of a new relationship and establish the fact that he’s not just another, and should be respected as such.

“‘Anybody” is about level setting – letting whoever, whenever, know that the same ‘ol won’t work with you,” -TMG FRE$H

“I’m not just anybody. I don’t know what or who you’re used to, but let’s be clear. I’m me – take it or leave it.”

“Anybody’ is the perfect breakup record. The lyrics delivered by FRE$H, empower listeners to stand in their self-worth, and to allow neither mediocrity nor manipulation from anyone who calls themselves your lover

Warhol meets FRE$H’s vision in this artistic portrait of love on the run and brings viewers to the middle of the desert where husband and wife face each other down. The chorus “I’m not just anybody” and flashbacks of their wedding are mixed in with lyrics referencing drug infused love. She holds the gun up to FRE$H and you have to wonder were they ever in love or was it just a thrill? The video ends as mysteriously as it begins – they’re too crazy to not love each other – as he sings,

“You done did me bad, but it’s ok, cause I’ll be fine.”

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