New Video: Papii Rosë “Pretty Little Thing”

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Papii Rosë Shot by Lex Merico

This past week, Papii Rosë, the artist formerly Known as Prince Michael dropped the visual for his latest single “Pretty Little Thing”.

Directed by Kapers Williams Jr and George Watson, the visual for PLT is a play on a rendition of ABC’s The Bachelor, and in stark contrast, a romantic day out on Miami Beach. The scenes alternate between Rosë entertaining a gaggle of women, and his doting on one very hot bikini clad babe.

We caught up with the protagonist via phone for a quick interview, surrounding the details of the song and his induction into world of record making.
I opened the interview by addressing him as Prince, and the reality TV star turned musician was quick to correct me. He respectfully asked that I refer to him by his artist name, Papii Rosë

Towards the inception of his stardom, the artist on the rise went by Papi Shampoo.After a bit of a rebrand he settled on the moniker Papii Rosë.

What was the inspiration behind your name?

“My favorite color is red, and all the ladies call me Papi.”

Papi Shampoo is a slang term in the Dominican community, synonymous with a suave ladies man who keeps his hair in pristine order.  Though he is of Jamaican descent, the Miami born recording artist and TV personality adopted the moniker as an ode to his status as a well known whisperer of women, and impeccably dressed to boot.

What was the most difficult part about transitioning from Party Promoter to Reality Star to Musician ?

“The transition from Promoter to Reality TV wasn’t hard. My stint on Love and Hip Hop was to showcase my life as one of the biggest promoters of Miami’s night life scene. It’s what I did.”

“As far as going from Reality TV to making music about love, the most difficult part was the expenses. Studio time isn’t cheap”

Miami is teeming with upcoming artists and those who aspire to be “Hollywood”. What if any similarities do you see between your artistry and that of your peers?

 His reply came sans hesitation, and with much bravado. 

I don’t think I’m making music like anyone in Miami, I don’t think I’m making music like anyone else. These mumble rappers and all of that…

Rosë adamantly went on to express that his sound spans a mix of genres, from decades past and present. 

I’m creating my own genre, I’m ahead of the game.

One thing is certain, Papii Rosë’s music isn’t anything like you’d expect from a guy who’s spent loads of time curating the debauchery that parallels a night out in Miami. His record cache is funky, soulful, and romantic. Even the touch of vulgarity one may come across in his lyrics is tastefully arranged.  

2019 was a big year for RnB, tell us your favorite record/project and why 

“I don’t follow R&B

You don’t listen to R&B?

I do, I just don’t listen to new R&B. I’m on my Prince, Michael Jackson, throwback vibes. I don’t consider myself to be an R&B artist. I make dance music, funk, soul. Think Rick James

What’s your creative process like?

“This may sound corny, but I smoke, I go in the studio and I let the beat speak to me. I don’t write.”

So you did you write anything down for Pretty Little Thing?

“Nah, i didn’t. We scrapped the original arrangement and title of the record. It was called ’Pretty Young Thing’.”

The record was re-titled in the name of creative direction and as a bat at collaborating with a fashion brand of the same epithet.

Can you describe the emotional content of PLT in 5 words?

“No. It was a song about a girl I fell in love with, a girl I knew was no good for me.”

“In Pretty Little Thing I ask ‘Could you hold me down forever’, and the answer was that she couldn’t.”

What’s next for you? When can the people expect to hear a full project from you?

“I don’t want to call it a project, or an EP. My music is more than that. I’m dropping my album in January.”

Papii Rosë’s album Songs About Her Drops January 11th 2020 at 1:11 PM.
“Pretty Little Thing” is available for streaming and purchase on all major DSPs.

It’s a song you and your girls can get ready to, It’s a song that’ll make it onto your post breakup playlists. It’s a song you can dance in your room to.