New Music: Alex Tales & Gino Holroyd – ‘Fallin’

Meet Alex Tales, the game-changer.

With the sea of music released each week and the widespread access to all of them can make songs feel like a commodity rather than a work of art or a passion project. But it is this that makes  “Falling” sticks out so much as it is enjoyable yet unconventional. The structures and effects feel so raw and honest and the effort put into the accompanying music video makes this song feel complete.

Axel Logan lends his hand in the production of the track, bringing some experimental bass to emphasis the lyrics from Alex and Gino. Alex brings his RnB influence to an hypnotic effect while Gino switches things up with a harder approach. Each section colors the track in a much different way with the memorable hook holding the whole track together. 

“Falling” is best experienced along with the music video directed by Alexandre Rebout & Thomas Amen so be sure to watch and listen using the links below.