Music Spotlight: YungWoo

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Kijana Hodge AKA Yung Woo was born on December 21st, 1992, in Los Angeles CA. At a early age, he express his interest in music. In elementary school, he would change the words in every sentence, so they would rhyme. Even in Middle School, he owned a composition book where he would write his own rhymes. However High school, is where he began recording. YungWoo popularity grew around the neighborhood for his ability to tell a story in his music. In 2013, WooBorn released his first mixtape titled. “No Holding Back” which featured the popular first single “You A Ratchet?” The Video has 19k views and counting on YouTube, thanks to the popularity of the single.

In June 2018, he would go on to release his 2nd Mixtape Titled “Block Musik”. His 3rd Mixtape (Block Musik 2) was dropped in May 2019 via Block Musik Entertainment, the first mixtape to drop on his label. Yung Woo also started his very own clothing line “Block Material” Clothing earlier this year. For more information on YungWoo and any of his upcoming releases, follow him on all social media platforms.

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