New Music: Sleepy Hallow – Don’t Sleep (Mixtape)

A nimble and melodic rapper who never fails to keep it real, Sleepy Hallow is one of Brooklyn’s most promising rappers.

Keeping the realism behind Brooklyn’s drill boom but vastly changing its sonic palette, Sleepy Hallow shares DON’T SLEEPhis debut mixtape. With the lion’s share of the production handled by Great JohnDON’T SLEEP finds the 19-year-old rapper thriving in his transition from drill scene supporting player to charismatic leading man, weaving through the tuneful instrumentals with his slightly-accented timbre.

Throughout the tape, Sleepy spins detailed street tales, whether he’s crusading against goofies and lames on 2 Fake” (800k streams on YouTube audio, basking in the admiration of his peers in the breezily melodic I Get Luv,” or trying to win female affection on the confident Bestie.” The 19-year-old rapper enjoys himself, but he never forgets where he came from or how precarious his success is–the cover artwork features a rendering of Robert Sandifer, aka Yummy, whose early death serves as a warning to those who take good fortune for granted. Featuring appearances from Sleepy’s frequent rap partner and childhood friend Sheff G, along with a guest appearance from ABG NealDON’T SLEEP arrives via Winners Circle Entertainment/EMPIRE.

“In these streets we all bleed the same,” says Sleepy Hallow. “No man is higher than another. When we die, everything we own is gone, you’ve got to live your life to the fullest. The only thing that stays behind when we die is the impact you leave. I want to be known as a GOAT. I’m learning to move smart and to not react to anything based fully on emotions because acting like that isn’t going to give you the best result. I’m still working on working towards that goal. ”

Born in Jamaica before moving to East Flatbush in early grade school, Sleepy Hallow met Sheff G as a teenager, and the two quietly charismatic future rappers immediately formed a friendship. Instead of launching headlong into the rap game, they sat back and observed, taking note of their friends and neighbors’ raps and silently figuring out what did and didn’t work. Though Sheff struck first with the solo hit “No Suburban,” the duo developed and easy chemistry, creating 2019 street hits like “Flows” (1.6 million Spotify streams) and “Menace,” which features an appearance from Mozzy.

Sleepy appeared on seven different tracks on Sheff’s debut mixtape The Unluccy Luccy Kid, released in late September, and he looks to make an equally splashy impact with DON’T SLEEP.