Viic Flair Talks North Carolina, DaBaby, 2020 & “Heartless”

With DaBaby the biggest star in Hip Hop right now, a lot of industry scouts are looking to North Carolina as the new melting pot for talent. Many are looking at North Carolina-native ViiC FlaiR as the next up. Currently riding a wave with his hit single, “Heartless,” featuring DaBaby. We sat down with the new artist to discuss his upbringing, new sound and what he has next in store for fans heading into the new year. Read more below.

Where did the name Viic Flair come from?

Some people think that comes from Ric Flair but that is not true, my name is Victor and so ViiC and the FlaiR is because I have always had my own style/flair.

What can we expect from Viic Flair to come? In 2020?

“Vibes Don’t Lie 2.0”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

More Music, this is just the beginning.

You have a record with the 83 Babies and DaBaby, what made you create records with these individuals?

TBH, the records were already done.  My team loved the records and we decided who sound good on what and sent them the records.  They loved the records and we made it happen. 

Does balancing life and music after conflict?

It does but as time goes along we get better and better at.