@TheAngelicaVila Artist Spotlight: “More in the Morning,” and “All I Do is 4 U” Music Video(s)

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Angelica Vila 2019

Angelica Vila encompasses vibrancy from her luminous vocal arrangements to her multi-talented characteristics (choreography and songwriting), which gauges the audience to take a closer peek at the Bronx, New York native. Although young in age, the aesthetics of her poise and maturity of her sound – is assured of longevity within the male-dominated industry.

Stemming from a Dominican background and living in a diverse neighborhood, Vila garnered inspiration from her surroundings to pursue a musical career by the tender age of 10 with her family’s support. The beginning stages of her musical aspirations as an R&B/Latin artist transcended to YouTube, followed by short clips on Instagram during her teenage years. Organically gaining a cumbersome amount of followers on her social media platforms, Vila would be granted an opportunity to advance into the big leagues in the music industry after posting her rendition of  Justin Beiber’s ‘Sorry’ back in 2016, followed by her debut EP titled ‘1998’ at age 17. ‘1998,’ prompted the young woman’s evolving career with records such as “Making Up My Mind,” and “Where Are You Now,” that gained a profound oversight on her penmanship and vocal capabilities.

The 20-year-old New York native would continue to blueprint her rise to musical conquests and successfully accomplished the ordeal when Pretty Lou reposted Vila’s ‘Sorry’ rendition and caught the attention of industry heavy-hitters such as Fat Joe in 2018.

Within the short stint of her rising career, Vila has opened for prominent recording artists such as Trey Songz and Future whilst being featured on projects from Remy Ma and Pretty Lou.

Graced with tenacity, immaculate work-ethics, and Fat Joe’s mentorship; Vila would release her debut hit-single titled “More in the Morning,” in mid-2019 which sampled from Grace Jones “La Vie en Rose.” (more notably Shyne featuring Barrington Levy’s “Bonnie and Shine.”) The cinematographic view of Angelica’s choreography and her dominance in-camera for the vibrant-yet-sensual R&B record is a clear indication of her rising into stardom.

Newly signed to Roc Nation, Angelica is not holding back to produce quality sound music for the world to hear. While “More in the Morning,” is continuing to blossom with well over 9 million views.

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“More in the Morning.” Music video

“All I Do Is 4 U” Music video

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