NYC Animal Protestors Verbally Attack @LilKim As She’s Walking Down The Street ‘Back UP!’

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Writer: Brittany R. (Ig: flossybee_)

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Early Tuesday, Brooklyn legend Lil Kim was outside of Build Studio in New York City when she was ambushed by protestors of an animal organization. They were yelling and very upset with Lil Kim, because of her love for fur. Protestors were screaming “stop wearing fur” and “shame on you, Lil Kim.” They were also outside holding signs “Lil Kim animal abuser.” One protestor went to the extreme and tried to break through security in attempt to get close to Lil Kim and yell in her face. Everyone knows Lil Kim is straight outta Brooklyn and she’s not for the bs from anyone! “You wanna rumble with the Bee huh?” Video shows a protestor walking towards Lil Kim screaming. Lil Kim continues walking towards the protestor and says “back up, back up!” With a very serious look on her face, you can see Lil Kim was very unbothered and far from scared. Security holds Lil Kim and pushes protestor away.