Dave East Facing Battery Charges In Las Vegas

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Bad news for Dave East.

He is currently facing battery charges from two women. The Harlem rapper was cited last weekend after cops interviewed multiple witnesses about an alleged altercation between him and two women following his appearance at Drai’s Nightclub. Apparently, bottles and punches were thrown during a threesome.

According to the police report, East invited the women back to his room at the Delano hotel and started having sex with them. East told officers that one woman was upset he wasn’t giving her as much attention and lost it, hurling champagne bottles at him from across the room. Two of them hit him in the head, leaving cuts.

The woman tells a different story. She told officers that in the middle of the sexual encounter, she got into an argument with East, and he punched her several times, hitting her on the arm. She ran to the bathroom to call cops, but made no mention of bottles being thrown.

Another woman entered the room once the argument started claims Dave was the aggressor, while Dave’s friend was also a witness and says that he saw the woman hurling bottles at the rapper.

Dave’s attorney, Stacey Richman, also claims the woman threw a soap dispenser at Dave, but denies that he assaulted anyone. Instead, Richman says he took the woman by the arm and made her leave the room. East was ordered by a doctor to get a CAT scan after the alleged incident.