Comedian Who Made Jokes About XXXTentacion’s Death Apologizes

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Writer: Brittany R (Ig:Flossybee_)

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Family and friends are still mourning the tragic murder of rapper Xxxtentacion. New York comedian Dina Hashem, thought it would be funny to make jokes about his untimely demise while doing a stand up act at Comedy Central’s Comedy Cellar show. She sarcastically asks, “is anyone still mourning XXXTENTACION?” She then says, “He’s a rapper, who was murdered, he’s dead now. He was shot, he was on his way to buy a car with $50,000 in cash and somebody shot him and took the money,” As audience in the crowd began to laugh she says, “which is very tragic, but I also think it would be a very good Venmo commercial. That’s the first thing I thought when I heard that. Like, ‘I don’t have Venmo, I should get Venmo.'”

Once fans of the late rapper got wind of the clip they immediately began to drag the comedian all over twitter and Instagram. Fans began making negative comments and threats towards her. Dina soon took to Instagram and made a public apology.

Although she apologized that still wasn’t enough, fans are still continuing to attack her. Dina was forced to put her social media pages on private.