@A$APROCKY Possibly Facing Jail Time In Sweden

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Writer: Brittany Richardson (IG:@Flossybee_)

A few days ago New York rapper/producer A$AP Rocky was in Stockholm, Sweden for Smash x Stadion two day music festival. While walking the streets of Stockholm, him and his team came across some non fans. They began to harass A$AP and his team. One of the guys smacked A$AP’s security guard in the face with his headphones. A$AP posted two videos on his Instagram page prior to the physical altercation taking place. The videos show him and his team continuously trying to walk away and avoid any problems. They asked the guys to leave them alone and stop following them multiple times, but the guys continued to follow them for blocks.

Unfortunately, even after making several attempts to walk away a fight did end up breaking out. The fight was caught on video by a bystander and was sent to TMZ. A$AP Rocky was arrested on aggravated assault charges, three others were arrested with him. The rapper is still currently in Sweden and will remain detained for the next two weeks. During this time Sweden authorities plan to complete their investigation. If convicted of aggravated assault the rapper could face up to 6 years in prison.