New Video: @STFSings – “Boyish Looks”

STF is a hot new male solo act and talented international musician Stefan Poole. Known for his work on the hit show Glee, the Italian hitmaker makes his presence felt stateside with the release his inspiring new song/video, titled, “Boyish Looks”.

“Boyish Looks” is a celebration of unconventional beauty set against a backdrop of gleaming dance-pop studded neo-soul and electro-fun flashes. The videos influence comes from STF (Stefan Poole) growing up surrounded by amazing women and wanting to create a feel-good concept presenting female beauty in a unique way and featuring women of all different shapes, sizes, personalities, and races.

The new single is the first of many to come from the rising star in 2019. For more on STF, follow the new act today on Instagram and Facebook.