New Artist: Juni Trejo Talks New Studio Album, Nicki And Cardi B, And More

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Hey Juni, the Mambo King.

Hey Juni, the Mambo King. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Where you from? Where did you get Juni from? 

How’s it going, man? 

My name is Juni What’s up? I’m from Florida and also raised in New York. Basically raised like half my life in Florida have my life in New York. And yeah, man, I want to New York but raised in Florida more. So and also raised Okay, you get the point raised in both.

I think it was like a God-given assignment like a Destiny and purpose. You know I’m saying and it’s just a come from my middle name, which is Arjuna which means white in Sanskrit the oldest language in history. So they say and I think white represents Purity, you know, which in my music if you can see that. I’m really trying to represent Purity like just you know. Old fashion you know stick with one woman.

Marry her yo not sleeping around. You know what I’m saying. No judgments anyone that does that but it’s just how I that’s how I’m trying to live, you know

And…I believe in purity you know I’m a Christian. I believe in Jesus. Like I’m actually very serious 

          about my faith. I’ve seen miracles.I’ve seen God change lives you know.

          And I definitely believe that you know living, living right is always the way to go.

          Ya know, 

 For sure

But yea and then also it just happen to go along with the name.

           You know my name my Juni a nick name of it.

           Given to me by one of my close friends. From like uh when I was in middle school.

           Basically, it means ahh summeresque. Like in the summer and that’s I.

           I make summer vibe type music. You know my music is very…

           I, I love summer to begin with. You know I don’t like the cold. I like the heat

           I like being in the sun on the beach. In 100 degree weather all the time.

           That’s really my happy place you know.

Alright, Alright , What’s your favorite color? And why?

Favorite color and why I’d have to say purple

         Ah, It represents royalty and kingship Ah, you know it’s biblical. It is very ahh powerful. You know it’s a powerful color. It’s ah, it’s just there’s something about it that’s just. 

Even without knowing that you can tell like purple is a majestic color. You know it’s beautiful. But I also like black and white a lot. I wear a lot of black and white and ah gold, gold definitely. Two pieces that go together for me big time. Are white and gold you know. For sure and yep.

How do you feel as a Colombian bilingual Popstar any advantages and disadvantages?

Honestly, I think there are only advantages honestly for Real Talk. Cuz the truth is I’m Hispanic and white like Croatian. So it’s like I find myself being able to be cool with both demographics. You know, I’m the white crowd and Hispanic crowd and even like, you know, African-American crowd and African crowd, I find myself being able to relate the best of my abilities to each crowd, you know, it’s very important to be able to relate to any human being that it that’s where your money comes and that’s where your relationships coming, you know.

Alright Alright. Are you Team Nikki Or Team Cardi B and why?

Honestly, I’m team neither. They’re both cool artist. However, I’m not really paying attention to them. You know, if you are that’s cool, I get it. I think I’m more so into revolutionary music as well as positive pop music not that music isn’t positive. But I find them umm, you know glorifying and speaking on things that are just not my taste, you know. But hey I’ll listen to man. I love them. There great artists, shoutout to them. It’s just not what I listen to on the regular. That’s all.

Alright Alright, you drop your first studio album in 2018 titled Beyond Your Wildest Dreams.

But we know that…

Ok so, that is not real. Alright, yeah that question doesn’t make sense.Back to beyond Your Wildest Dreams. Question number 6 your debut single “Doing it Classic” tell us about your process writing and recording the project. Collaborations and overall feelings about the album. 

So just letting you know, the debut single was actually “Green Presidents” and “Doing It Classic” was like the second single there. There’s actually if you really listen to the whole album. Is an album full of singles and stories like my life? It’s very like Disney ha ha very interesting.

Very white America, I would say the story parts for me is very Disney. It’s interesting. I love it. I love the way that I did it. The voice thing and stuff. It’s like listening to a movie. So the album was supposed to be a Sonic movie an audible movie with good music. You know. it was a story of my life up to that point my journey and just basically being felt like I was called for a bigger assignment in life a bigger calling a bigger Destiny, which we all are, and you know. We don’t you don’t need a pastor or a psychologist to tell you that is just what it is. You can see certain people on Earth. You know doing big things in like really fulfilling their purpose or fulfilling a purpose, you know in general.

So that was definitely what it was the process of writing recording and I did all pretty quick in the matter of like a couple of weeks. I mean that did the music I had been sitting on it for years, you know, just cooking up this music. Making sure it was perfect as sounding good. Everything is on point and you know, I just did it in my boy, Alex Bennetts crib. I was sleeping on the floor at the time. I was in between apartments. And yeah, man, I was just completing it at his crib is really funny. And uh I mean, yeah, it was a great album. It travels to Nigeria at a lot of fans, you know playing in Nigeria in restaurants and clubs all that stuff.

All right. All right. All right. Now some of your lyrics and Doing It Classic and you said you were homeless, broken abandon. Hopeless left for dead and God had a plan, Jesus. Explains to us those lyrics and how it relates to your past present and future. 

No doubt No doubt,  Alright well you know some people have everything they want in life. You know, and some people stay out on the streets tonight. You know, I’m saying some people it just seems like everything is right now and some people don’t even know what they’re eating tonight. And those are actually lyrics to my new single funny enough, but it’s the truth. You know, I  think it’s so important for every human being to be aware of the fact that. Yo stuff is not okay, you know what I’m saying. Like stuff is not ok in the world. 

But you know, I’m saying like stuff is not okay in the world, you know, and that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have peace within yourself and you should cultivate inner peace and find yourself in your purpose. But the truth is like after you do that like you have a responsibility to your fellow man. Whether do you want to believe that or not? That’s fine. You want to think that oh like why should I help out my fellow man and not help out myself first? It’s true. But there are others out there and so the purpose of me explaining what I went through was really just to relate to others who had gone through it because I know when I was going to certain things, man.

I would hear other people’s stories and it would give me such a joy and hope to know that someone else went through it and overcame it and was resurrected from that place of death. Um and so.

You know, as I be on my pass. I had some pretty bad experiences, you know, actually really bad experiences to be honest, but you know like God is good. And you know, I’m saying like He whatever. 

It is nothing that, there’s nothing too hopeless that God cannot redeem. You know that some may call it the universe and that’s fine. Whether you want to call it that or God. It’s up to you but there’s nothing that the universe cannot bounce back. You know what I’m saying if you really believe and have faith.

For you, it might be the universe but for me is God it’s Jesus. You know I’m a Christian, so yea.

Okay, you’re now on your second studio album.

Hot new track “Grind”.  The sound is totally different on this track.

Like a mixture of Latin influence with a Kendrick Lamar and Drake twist. 

I don’t know how that makes sense but okay?

Why the change in the style and sound with this particular track on the album?

All right. Ahh

So I love Africa, you know, I love that place. I love Nigeria in particular and I love I’ve always loved reggae. I’ve always loved Caribbean music. I’ve always loved the culture. I’ve always loved the people and I always knew that I was going to make that type of music like, you know for a while now. Not always knew, but I knew for a while now. That I was going to make that type of music.

Yeah, I mean I wouldn’t say it’s Kendrick and Drake.

It’s more like uh, I don’t know.I don’t like to be compared to other people.

I guess Afrobeat artists right now. Like like my biggest idols in music are Afrobeat artists

Because there just…there making a new level of music that is unprecedented. It is not been heard before. It is a whole new genre of music. The closest thing is it’s similar to is Caribbean music like reggae and dancehall. But even that it’s like a whole new style. Like it’s the drum patterns…everything

You know a big thing about it is the drums and… It’s just Afrobeat music man. 

It’s African pop like it’s fire its killin. It is traveling as we speak. 

You know, it’s Davido just sold out. I think the O2 Stadium, you know like.

I believe Lagos Nigeria and don’t quote me on that look it up, and you know for me.

It’s like the new hip hop, the new hip hop.

So my next album “Planet Earth” is going to have five songs Afrobeats and two songs straight-up pop like American pop.

It’s going to be fire. It’s going to be fire. It’s going to change the world. It’s going to be crazy.

Alright, I appreciate the confidence. All right (dog barks in background)

So what’s it like performing your music?

You know honestly, it has to be one of the most fun things ever.

I just get up there and perform my music and have my fans that love it there. Enjoying being present.

It’s just dope you know.  It’s just fire. It’s a fire experience, you know.

(dog continues to bark in background)  Sorry this dog.

Ok, anything you would like to say to your fans and where can we find your music.

To all my fans. Truly. I mean this I love you straight up hit me up.

Let’s chill, let’s connect. I love all my fans. They are like my family and yea.

My music is on all platforms Spotify, Apple music,

Youtube Google Play everything. 

Just look me up Juni “Beyond Your Wildest Dreams”.  Juni  “Grind” my new single and my new album dropping July. 

New album, Come on, bro (dog whining in background)

New album dropping July 7th.

July 7th, 2019 “Planet Earth”. Sorry about that, the dog.

Dropping soon. I’ll see ya’ll…peace.