Cardi B Pleads Not Guilty In Strip Club Brawl Case

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Cardi B reported back to court on Tuesday.

When she arrived in Queens Supreme Court. She pled not guilty to two felony charges of attempted assault plus additional misdemeanor charges. These charges go back to August 2018 at Angels Strip Club in Queens involving bartender sisters Rachel Wattley and Sarah Wattley aka Jade and Baddie Gi.

The women claim Cardi’s people threw bottles, chairs, and a hookah because the rapper believed Jade had slept with Offset. Cardi was arrested and booked in October for her alleged role in the strip club fight. In April, she rejected a plea deal.

Cardi B doesn’t seem too worried about the charges. During her performance at the BET Experience in L.A. over the weekend, she told fans that she wasn’t worried about possible jail time. She said, “I ain’t going to jail. I got a daughter.”