Cory Gunz Talks Sprayground owner DavidBenDavid, New Music, Peter Gunz, Young Money, Mumble Rap

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We caught up with Young Money signee Cory Gunz at the Sprayground release event on 6/13 to discuss his collaboration and partnership with the popular backpack brand, as well as how his relationship with the founder, DavidBenDavid came about. The two initially met at the studio while creating music. Although, he’s been off the music scene for a minute, Cory is getting ready to bounce right back. In fact, Lil Wayne’s protege has a few projects currently in the works. There’s ‘Criminal Minded,’ another body of work will be ‘Militia’ and then there’s ‘Rambo,’ which he stated he just started working on. Cory also talked to us about his thoughts on mumble rap, and how he feels about it, not depending on his label in order to press forward, his dad Peter Gunz being his biggest influence, and his upcoming line with Sprayground.