Brittney Taylor Arrested for Assaulting a Woman

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I’m sure you about to wonder whom I’m talking about. However, I had to do this article to show how you guys karma can come back around. According to TMZ, Rapper/ Reality TV Star Brittney Taylor who happens to be claiming that Remy Ma punched her at a concert in April—was recently arrested for assaulting a woman.

Reports from TMZ, the alleged fade delivery occurred last Friday in her apartment building. The “Love & Hip Hop” star got arrested early Friday morning after a fight started in her apartment. Law enforcement sources tell us Brittney and another woman were arguing in Brittney’s midtown pad when things got physical. Brittney allegedly scratched the woman, leaving marks on her. She fled to an elevator, but we’re told Brittney hopped in another elevator and met the alleged victim in the lobby … where the beatdown continued. She allegedly pulled a Naomi Campbell special — hurling her cell phone and clocking the woman in the forehead. We’re told Brittney retreated to her apartment, but a little while later NYPD showed up to haul her in for assault and aggravated harassment … both misdemeanors. She was released without bail.

This comes after she press charges, against Former co-reality star/ Rapper Remy Ma. Back in May, the rapper was under investigation for giving her former Love & Hip Hop co-star a black eye. The rapper end up with four charges in the assault case against her. it was reports that Remy was offered a deal of pleading guilty to just the assault in the third-degree charge in exchange for no time and taking an anger management

We’ll keep an eye on the story, and will update on the story as the more information comes in.

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