Film Director Jay Laurent is Hip-Hop’s New Must-Have

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There is a new wave of music video directors building the next generation of legends right now. You have former understudies to legendary directors, trendsetting social media directors, and favorite new original directors like Jay Laurent who is trailblazing a fast lane to the top of music.

The Los Angeles-native Jay Laurent is up next as one of the hottest new music directors in Hip Hop. A genre that is constantly evolving, the rising director’s creativity works perfectly thanks to his ideal new-age concepts. Many of Hip Hop’s hottest acts gravitate to his unique perspective and enlist the director to take their image to the next level.

Watch Jay Laurent Short, “Views” Now.

“Like any project, I start with a vision. I had proposed a concept idea to SkinnyFromThe9 after hearing his unreleased track “Savage”, it was the next day we both agreed to work with each other. I currently have another video releasing with “Project X”, featuring YBN Almighty Jay.

Laurent recently appeared on Dash Radio. Throughout the interview, Laurent promoted his new hashtag movement, “#knowthax”. A movement that has soared to the trending explores among his 301,000 Instagram followers. 2019 is only the beginning of the film producer’s reign.