Social Media Influencer @TroyceTV Talks MTV’s Wild’N Out, Azealia Banks & Comedy

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From his infamous Ace family conspiracy video, to his not so nice words for controversial female rap artist Azealia Banks, it’s safe to say this 19 year old doesn’t watch his mouth. 300,000 subscribers on YouTube, millions of views and 50k followers on Instagram, this Miami raised social media influencer TroyceTv says he’s ready to take his brand, comedy, social media platform and followers to the next level. MusicXclusives reached out to Troyce to get his honest opinions on some of today’s hot topics.

Host: Nick Minaj or Cardi B?

TroyceTv: Nicki, because she’s a legend

Host: Who would you want to be on MTV’s Wild’n Out with Nick Cannon?

TroyceTv: Justina Valentine!

Host: A joke that’s off limits and offensive to you?

TroyceTv: political jokes on black women

Host: Trump or Joe Biden

TroyceTv: Trump, because he’s unapologetically a bit*h.

Host: Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus?

TroyceTv: Lady Gaga

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