Interview: @TrezFalsetto Talks His Start In Music, Opening Up for Dru Hill, RBRM (formerly New Edition), Musical Influences, “Perfect” Single, North Carolina + More

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Trez Falsetto

As R&B music continues to make a much needed return to the mainstream forefront, Trez Falsetto is working hard to solidify his spot as one of the greats. Born and raised in the soulful state of North Carolina, the 25-year old Durham native joins a long list of hometown heavyweights such as Anthony Hamilton, Fantasia, and Jodeci frontmen, K-Ci and Jo-Jo.

Before gaining notoriety with his hit singles “Blow” and “Used To”, Falsetto garnished his skill singing in church and performing at school talent shows. Prior to his now flourishing music career, Falsetto was well-known for his skills on the basketball court. But after battling a long-term heart condition, he was forced to hang up his sneakers and pick up a mic; a decision that would ultimately change his life forever.

His dedication to developing his sound has now gained him over 14,000 Instagram followers and co-signs from artists such as Tank and Eric Bellinger. Outside of his musical talents, he is also a pilar in his community hosting Back to School drives every August and passing out dinners every Christmas with his family.

We got a chance to sit down with Trez Falsetto as he shared some insight about his journey into the world of music.

Trez recently released his mixtape, Just Because which includes his singles, “Blow,” “Used To,” and “Jeep.”

Q: Break down to us how you got your start in music?

A: I actually got my start in the church when I was young….One Sunday my mom kind of just put me on the spot and she had me sing in front of everybody….So ever since then I’ve been singing. I play the drums, I know how to read music, I play the trumpet, I do a little bit with the keys… When I got to college, I started doing talent shows at North Carolina Central University and I just fell in love with being on stage and ever since then I’ve been putting out music.

Q: I know you said you opened up for Dru Hill as well as the guys in New Edition over the past weekend, were they some of your influences growing up?

A: Dru Hill definitely was. My mom loved Dru Hill. I remember when I was young, I cried when I found out that they broke up because I honestly thought it was one person, I don’t why. But Sisqo, Musiq Soulchild; I love Chris Brown- he’s the GOAT of my generation, Micheal Jackson. I love old School stuff to so I listen to the Temp[tations] a lot, believe it or not.

Q: So you have the new single “Perfect” out now, lets talk about that?

A: I love the single. I’m pretty much just embodying and glorifying women. Like letting them know you’re perfect the way you are, however God created you. You know the flaws, look past all of that. Look in that mirror and just be happy with what he gave you… And that record’s doing good right now. I think we just hit a 100K streams on Spotify and think the Youtube is around 60k so it’s slowly but surely [picking up]. You know with R&B it’s a little slower. It’s a marathon man and I don’t try to rush nothing.

Q: So as far as your sound goes, who would you compare yourself to?

A: It’s probably three people. I’ve heard R. Kelly a lot from when I do a lot of my runs ad-libbing. Some people say Chris Brown. I’ve heard Trey Songz before. Thats like the main three. But I listen to a lot of music so I can give you whatever. When you hear me you just never know what you’re going to get from the track. You just got to hit play.

Q: So the project is coming out, when can we expect that?

A: My goal is September 14th; that’s my birthday. I’m not stamping that date because I believe that nothing should be rushed, but thats what I want. I want a project out on my next birthday.

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