Yo Gotti Reportedly Hit With $6.6 Million Default Judgment For Failing To Release Song Collaboration

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Yo Gotti was reportedly hit with a $6.6 million default judgment after sources say he failed to respond to a lawsuit where he was accused to neglecting a recording session with an artist by the name of Young Fletcher. Gotti apparently pocketed a $20,000 fee for the recording back in 2016. However, he reportedly refused to release the song and recorded a similar song on his own. According to TMZ, after Yo Gotti had recorded his own version of the song he attempted to convince Young Fletcher to depart from his manager and join his label. A deal that would only be worth $150,000.

The Judge overseeing the case initially required Gotti to pay $2.2 million but, decided to quickly triple the fees after stating his actions were both “unfair and deceptive.”

Fletcher’s manager and attorney’s claim that if it comes boils down to it, they will proceed to go after his home and cars.