New Music: @LoveAlexIsley’s “Beauty of Everything II”

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Alex Isley – “Beauty of Everything II”

The Beauty of Everything II – is a sheer indulgence of harmonious bliss and painstaking lyrics, that unfortunately is condensed in less than thirty minutes of audio. The immaculate conception of the essence of love cultivates a unique sense of what it is to be unorthodox. Alex Isley showcases her extrinsic style of R&B on the five-track EP, which features SiR (Love on Demand), and Iman Omari on the production side of the spectrum.

The self-written and produced project acquired some additional contributors from the likes of Iman Omari, Jayla Darden, and D. Mile. ‘The Beauty of Everything II’ entails a rejuvenating sense of urgency of both quality and sound aesthetics to a genre that is currently its debilitating state.

Voyaging through her musical journey since her debut project ‘Love / Art Memoir’ released in 2012, the native of California has been consistently writing and producing a memorable catalog that continues to resonate with her fan base to date, including her most memorable compilation; The Beauty of Everything I, which was a full-fledged self-written and produced project.

Inheriting the musical passion from her father Ernie Isley, and uncles who collectively are the legendary ‘Isley Brothers,’ there is a foretelling effort of Alex Isley and her work ethics on providing quality material on every single project. Aside from her own music, the beautiful songbird has been featured on Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy-nominated track, ‘These Walls,’ as a vocal contribution. She has also collaborated with Scarface (“Mental Exorcism”) and Moonchild (“Leave Love Be”) to name a few.

Stream ‘The Beauty of Everything II’ below and post your thoughts.