Lil’ Kim & Lil Cease Reunite at Biggie’s Birthday Celebration Dinner

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Lil Cease & Lil’ Kim reunite

So last night, Junior M.A.F.I.A. reunited in a BIG way for what would have been the late great, Notorious B.I.G.’s 47th birthday. Brooklyn’s own Queen Bee, Lil’ Kim, who has been feuding with her group member, Lil Cease for over a decade (nearly two) in regards to an incident that landed her in jail for lying under oath. Cease testified against Kim in the Hot 97 shootout that occurred back in 2001 that involved rapper Capone of the rap duo, Capone-N-Noreaga, his entourage and Kim’s crew. Kim, who was at the Hip-Hop station prior for an interview was leaving the premises when an argument ensued, before gunshots were fired. The result, a man named Efrain Ocasio was shot in the back, but later released from the hospital.

When later confronted about her involvement in the incident, which happened on February 25, 2001, Kim denied she was present and had no knowledge of the whole ordeal. The shootout was allegedly due to Kim’s beef with longtime rap rival, friend-turned-foe Foxy Brown – whose another Brooklyn native. Fox “Boogie” Brown dissed the 4 foot, 11 inches star on Capone-N-Noreaga’s “Bang Bang” record, in reference to Lil’ Kim’s slick remarks on Lil Cease’s “Play Around” single back in 1999. Four years after the shooting, Kim was indicted for lying to a grand jury. She later faced a year in prison. Her former childhood friend and group Lil Cease took the stand after being subpoenaed by prosecutors. Surveillance footage captured evidence that Lil’ Kim was in fact present during the shootout, which led to 20 shots being fired outside of the Hudson Street office building. And her entourage was certainly involved at the time.

The entire ordeal landed not only Kim, but members of her team in jail. But all of their riff over the years since the incident was put aside when they all reunited last night for the man who brought them altogether from the start. Biggie Smalls. Kim and her old group members were all smiles last night at the Nomo Kitchen for a special birthday celebration dinner conducted for the Notorious one. The event, which was hosted by Kim was the first annual B.I.G. family dinner also included guests like Fat Joe, Styles P of the LOX, Fabolous, Lance “Un” Rivera, Biggie’s daughter T’yanna Wallace, DJ Mister Cee, and more.

Last night was definitely special, and we’re glad to see the Mafia back together again. Both Kim and Cease took the mic to embrace each other. Cease apologized for causing any hurt to the rapper and told attendees that he’s been waiting on his moment to happen forever, but it was all “God’s timing.” Their former manager, Lance “Un” Rivera also took the mic to express his excitement that the group Biggie formed back in the 90s have reunited and hinted at new music. Speaking of new music, Kim also revealed the official artwork to her forthcoming album, simply titled 9. It’s the follow up to 2005’s The Naked Truth.