NBA Youngboy Was Arrested In Louisiana Following Shootout In Miami

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Writer: Brittany Richardson (Ig:@Flossybee_)

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Rapper NBA Youngboy was detained (May 17, 2019) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, his arrest stemmed from the shooting that took place last week in Miami during the Rolling Loud festival. The shooting left his girlfriend wounded and an innocent bystander dead. Unidentified gunmen opened fired on NBA Youngboy and his entourage as they were leaving their hotel, in an act of self defense his security began to shoot back. Florida officials did not press charges on NBA Youngboy or any member of him team.

Although, NBA Youngboy and his entourage were indeed victims, his judge who placed him on probation from his previous arrests seems to have no care. Last year, NBA Youngboy 10 year prison sentence was suspended and he was placed on probation. As a requirement of his probation his judge ordered him to refrain from social media. The judge claims to have saw a video of whom she believes is NBA Youngboy “talking trash and smack,” online following the shooting. If it is confirmed that it was indeed Youngboy in the video the judge says she’s going to revoke his probation and have him serve his 10 year suspended sentence. The judge said, “he’s a threat to society and safety of others.” His lawyer is continuing to put up a fight for him saying “he was the victim of an assassination attempt.”