New Music: @ASAPFerg ft. @ASAPRocky – “Pups”

After a year absence, ASAP Ferg returns with a new EP on the horizon, titled, Concrete Chandeliers. For first release, ASAP Mob reunites as Ferg and ASAP Rocky drop a homage new single, “Pups”.

“Me being a DMX fan since day one, all the way back to Trap Lord, my first album cover was inspired by DMX,” says Trap Lord on new song. “And we did that song actually before X got out of jail. I didn’t even know he was getting out, a week after we did that song. So it was like paying homage to him. My boy Frankie P worked on the beat, he reworked it. Added some 808s and we just brought it up to date.”

“Pups” will appear on Ferg’s new EP, coming this Summer. On the new project, “The project is about being from the hood, but having a intellectual mindset and going out and getting elegant things and doing elegant projects. Me, Valentino deals, and doing Adidas deals and being a face for Tiffany’s. It’s showing the elevation of a African-American young man. And beyond that, it’s just more of a mindset of you could be from any hood, you could be from a trailer park and be down in the trap, but you could become the Lord of anything. So that’s where the whole Trap Lord juxtaposition Concrete ChandeliersHood Pope, that’s where all of those things. It’s the enlightenment after the darkness.”

Stream “Pups” below via RCA/ASAP Mob.