Common Speaks Up About Being Sexually Assaulted As A Kid

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47 year old American rapper, actor and philanthropist reveals that he was molested as a child in his new book Let Love Have the Last Word. Common says the incident took place when he was just 9 or 10 years old while on a family vacation. ” I was excited for a road trip I was about to take with my mother, my god mother (Barbara), her son and my god brother (skeet) and his relative who I’ll call (Brandon).”

Once arriving to their destination Common and Brandon had to share one bed. Common says, “at some point I felt Brandon’s hand on me, I pushed him away. I don’t remember saying a whole lot besides no, no , no.” As Common continued to beg and plead with his abuser unfortunately that did not stop him. “He kept saying it’s okay, it’s okay, as he pulled down my shorts and molested me. After he stopped he kept asking me to perform it on him. I kept repeating no and pushing him away.”

After the assault Common felt deeply embarrassed for what had happened to him as if it was his fault. It’s been over 25 years since he last seen his abuser. Two years ago he had his first flashback of the tragedy after all these years of burying that memory. Although Common says he learned to forgive he now wishes to seek professional help to fully heal. Common wishes to use his platform to break all cycles of abuse and violence.

Writer: Brittany Richardson (Ig: Flossybee_)