Usher Reaches Settlement In Herpes Case

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Well, it looks like R&B heartthrob Usher has finally reached a settlement in his ongoing Herpes scandal. The 40 year old superstar was hit with a $20 million dollar lawsuit, but as of today, his accuser, Laura Helm and the singer has “reached an amicable resolution.”

The amount they agreed and settled on was not disclosed as of press time, but it was amicable sources say. The case is now dismissed in court again, but this time for good, after the two came to a financial resolution.

Helm initially filed a $10 million dollar lawsuit back in 2017, when she claimed the singer exposed her to the virus after they engaged in unprotected sex. She bumped the amount to $20 million for emotional harm and punitive damages. The case is now closed and will not be revisited according to TMZ.