Offset Wanted After Slapping Phone Out Of Fans Hand

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Writer: Alexus Mozell (Ig:@Madam_Mozell)

The viral video of the Migos rapper slapping the phone out of a fan’s hand last week has Offset now a wanted man. The incident took place at a Target store in Sandy Springs, Ga. The fan, Junior Gibbons pulled out his iPhone and tried taking a video of the rapper while he was shopping. Offset must have been having an off day because his response was definitely what the fan was expecting.

In the video you can hear the fan say “What up, Offset?”. Offset response was “Get the f*** out of my face.” He then proceeds to knock the phone out of Junior’s hand onto the floor and shattered the screen.

Now, Offset should know like his song says people do anything for “Clout” so his response should have been left at the words he exchanged before knocking the phone out of the fans hand.

Cops investigated and got a warrant after Gibbons filed a police report last Friday. The charges are unclear what Offset could face, but it’s considered a felony because the phone costs $800. Who knew? Next time Offset, remember people do anything for acknowledgment.