Try Again Taylor Swift

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They want us to believe that culture appropriation isn’t real, well if you saw Taylor Swift’s performance last night then we know that is a lie. While The Billboard Awards had no highlight’s (I’m sorry, that award show was horrible).  Black Twitter was on attack after her performance of her new single “ME.” While her whole performance wasn’t like the infamous Beyoncé Coachella performance, however the intro was very Beyoncé lite. Now, this isn’t the first time that Taylor have stolen an idea from Beyoncé. Back in 2018, in her video “Look What You Made Me Do,” it was obvious that she took some ideas from Queen Bey’s “Formation.”

It sad as a people, we already don’t have much and the little that we have, they try to take that away from us. It was shown that black women are the world’s biggest influence in the world, and yet we get no recognition for what we give. While it was many before Beyoncé that did the same performance, her performance felt personal to us, because she took us back to how we dreamt college life to be like. You know before student loans and life brought us back to reality. Taylor Swift is just the lines of other white artists that steal from us, but refused to acknowledge us. Therefore, I’m not surprised by Taylor. After all, this is the same woman who lied that she didn’t have no knowledge that her likeness was going be featured in Kayne West’s video for “Famous,” until his wife, Kim K. called her out and played a recording of her admitting that she knew about it whole time.

Where was her team? Why didn’t no one, pulled her to the side and tell her not to do this. Now again, Beyoncé might not own on-stage marching bands as a concept, but she certainly made the case for owning the on-going theme with “Homecoming.” It was an extremely hard-to-miss performance, considering the documentary version dropped damn near a few weeks ago. Despite the fact that there are differences in the live set-up, someone, anyone, should have kindly taken Swift aside and reminded her of the optics of this, and that it would inevitably draw comparisons to Beyoncé’s Coachella set. Maybe. Beyoncé probably just laughed at this and us for being angry. Or she look at it and see all the shade. Either way Taylor will never hold a candle to Beyoncé and need to do better.

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