New Music: @Tonichin – “Trap Love Story”

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Toni Chin is a rising singer, rapper, dancer, model and actress who is originally from Jamaica, but grew up in Queens, NY. Since a child Toni has always been into music, growing up her dad was a big reggae record producer. Trap Love Story was inspired by a previous relationship she was in. “Trap Love Story is about me being in love with a zoe and having his back, which is how I am. If I love you I’ll ride or die for you, no questions,” says Toni. Toni is a very diverse artist she does reggae, pop, rap, dance hall, r&b and bachata. All in which is believed to be what makes her a very unique artist and stand out from others in the industry. Toni can combine reggae, rap, r&b, pop and bachata all into one song and it’ll be a BANGER! She would love to work with Rhianna and Drake in the near future. Although her style and approach is different from theirs she believes they all have a lot of things in common when it comes to music.  Trap Love Story is currently available on all major platforms. Press play on the video below to listen and watch now. Also, stay tuned for new music she’ll be dropping her next hit “Is It Her” very soon.

Artist IG: @Tonichin

Writer: Brittany Richardson (Ig: @flossybee_)